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Five things to look for in the perfect southern Utah vacation home.

Despite the pandemic, the real estate market for southern Utah vacation homes in St. George and the surrounding area has never been hotter. And as the vaccine rollout continues and more and more Americans are looking to end their isolation with a vacation, rentals are up, sales are up, and construction is booming.
But what makes a great southern Utah vacation rental property? And what should you be looking for in that perfect vacation home?
Here are a few things to keep in mind.

#1 – Larger is better.

A home or condo that sleeps 12-16 people at least is ideal. The reason is, that more beds mean more people will find the rental affordable. They can share the home with friends, family, and relatives when they travel to the area on vacation. A four-bedroom home can be turned into a vacation rental that sleeps 12 with a couple of private bedrooms for the adults, and a pair of bunk rooms for the kids.

#2 – Location, location, location.

Several municipalities in Washington County prohibit or severely restrict short-term rental options for homeowners. Do your homework on local rental ordinances. Or work with a real estate agent who can help you ensure you’ll be able to rent out that perfect property once you make a purchase.

#3 – Know the codes for southern Utah vacation homes.

If you plan to rent your home out to large groups there are local fire ordinances and building codes you’ll need to be aware of. For example, in Hurricane, in order to rent your home to groups larger than ten people, you’ll need to have sprinklers or other fire suppression systems acceptable to the Hurricane Valley Fire District in the home.

#4 – Location, location, location. Again.

Think about what your guests will want to do while they’re in southern Utah. Things like, proximity to golf courses, reservoirs, OHV areas, mountain biking trails, Zion National Park, and skiing at Brian Head. With all the other amazing outdoor recreation opportunities southern Utah has to offer, proximity is a definite plus when it comes time to book renters into your vacation home.

#5 – Connect with a local real estate agent.

Yeah, we’re a little biased on this one. But a local agent will know all the ins and outs when it comes to the four tips we’ve already mentioned. They’ll also be able to help you out with some of the more detailed things to consider when renting out a southern Utah vacation home.


And they’ll know local fire codes and short-term rental rules. They’ll also know which local outdoor amenities are the best when it comes to attracting renters. Plus, they’ve got their eye on the market and will help you move quickly when the right home for you becomes available.